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When you read over your lease, you will likely run across a section that discusses something called a “security deposit.” According to Wikipedia, a security deposit is “a sum of

Student rentals tend to be one of two types – a house, or an apartment. For students who attend colleges in heavily urban environments, or in sparsely populated areas, the

If you read our last blog, “Is Living Off-Campus Right For You?”, you know that getting breakfast when you live off-campus can be hard, especially when you’re rushing to get

Ask anybody what living off-campus is like, and they’ll probably tell you that they love it, but that it also comes with a lot of responsibility. The truth is, living

Whether you’re residing in an apartment or a house, one thing you might be short on is storage space. Even after moving out of a cramped dorm room, a lack

Living off-campus comes with bigger responsibilities. One of the most prominent changes from on-campus housing is an increase in financial obligations. From the electric company to your internet provider, everybody