About Us

Our story starts in 2013, when Andrew Schaeffer, then a student at Hofstra University, found himself in a difficult rental situation. Upon moving into his new house off-campus, he realized that the property had a few issues that he wished he was aware of before signing the lease. Unfortunately, this was his first experience renting off-campus and he didn’t know enough about rental procedures and lease agreements to protect himself. A lack of basic tenant knowledge, combined with an owner’s need to lease a property can often lead to issues, especially in the world of college housing, where tenants are often inexperienced.

After talking with Andrew Marks, he took this experience as an opportunity to bring more transparency to the college housing market. They worked together on the idea, and became the co-founders of PadLink, an online platform for off-campus housing that aims to make the housing process safe, reliable, and easy for everyone.

Today, our team continues to work on building our platform and brand in order to spread our message and help students, landlords, property managers, and parents across the nation by providing transparency, convenience and security for all parties involved.


Office Headquarters: 1232 RXR Plaza, Uniondale, NY 11556