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Finding Rentals

TODAY - Tips on Helping Your College Kid Rent an Apartment
If your child is thinking about living off-campus, you might have some questions about the rental process and how to help them find a place. This article can help you out and give you advice on the apartment search and move-in.


Helping Pay

The New York Times - A Secret of Many Urban 20-Somethings: Their Parents Help With the Rent
If you are a parent trying to get a better feel for the student rental market, and what it means for your pocketbook, this article may help. Increasingly, students and recent college graduates are getting assistance from their parents when paying their rental bills, and it is having an effect, especially in major cities.

The Guardian - A Parent Asks About Helping Students With Money
For parents who are unsure about how much help is too much help, this article may clear some things up. Stemming from a question addressed to an advice columnist, the article discusses ways to assist your child with the rent, but also nurture and teach independent living skills and money management.


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