You shouldn't have to search on multiple sites to find a place to live, including Facebook and Craigslist! We have collected market testimonials from a bunch of students like yourself to better understand the industry. 

That's why we built PadLink, a safe and easy way for college students to find and maintain a place to live while at school.

Many competitors just help you find a place to live and that's it. At PadLink, we care about your entire rental process, so we built a portal specifically for students that includes a bunch of features to help make your life easier - Messaging Platform, Notifications, Calendar, Maintenance Section, Search by Distance From Your University, and a Wish List for Your Favorite Pads.

We have started speaking to different Universities to see how we can make the process even safer. In addition, we're constantly improving our platform for you and have an online payment system coming soon!

Join us today!